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Wide Open
is our latest CD, launched November 25, 2006 at the legendary Red Dog Tavern, carrying on our tradition of only playing gigs we can walk or ride a bike to. It's been five years since Praised By Faint Damnation and Rob's not so melancholy. "Hooks you could hang a hat on". Sing along.


Wide Open CD cover

Click on a song title to hear it. Control click (Mac) or right click (PC) to download a FREE high quality (192 kbps) MP3.

You can order a copy of the CD by calling
1-800-750-7295 or email Conestokers.
CDs are $20 including shipping and handling.

1. Wide Open

2. Street Vendor

3. Let It Ride

4. I Used To Be A Gambler

5. Gin & Marijuana

6. The Great Believer

7. Draw Me A Line

8. Love & Intuition

9. Book Of Rules

10. The Key

11. Guilt & Shame

12. Hockey Town