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A band bio, eh? This is the part nobody likes to do so it may be a while...

For now, here's a breakdown on the current Conestokers lineup. These are the folks that are on Wide Open:

Rob Wilkes: lead vocals, electric guitar, harmonica, tambourine, back-up vocals
Dwain Paganinny: electric fiddle, electric mandolin, electric guitar, baritone guitar, violin, tin mandolin, back-up vocals
Richard Higham: bass
John MacEwen: drums
Allie Hearn: back-up vocals

Also joining us on the last CD were Enrique "Roy" Claveer on piano and organ and Ray Henderson on vocals on "Hockey Town".

The bios will be updated soon so please check again or you could go to our original website and read our old bio. (Don's not playing with us anymore but he's still got the best guitar shop you'll ever see).